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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Best of Greek Yogurt

Are you getting the most out of your Greek Yogurt?

Let's face it, greek yogurt has great benefits but generally, we tend to believe that the plainer the yogurt, the healthier it is. However, some yogurts actually contain more sugar than two donuts! At that point, I would much rather be going to Krispy Kreme every morning. To make matters worse, many yogurts that claim to be "low sugar" are packed instead with artificial sweeteners. YUCK! Let's get right down to the true ingredients and why different varieties may be better (or worse) for our bodies for different reasons.

Low Sugar Content 
Though plain yogurts usually have less sugar than flavored ones, we know that many people prefer flavored yogurt. With that in mind, here are two of the best flavored yogurts that don’t contain artificial sweeteners and won't put you into a sugar coma:
-Stoneyfield Greek vanilla: 12 g of sugar

-Yoplait Greek blueberry blend: 18 g of sugar 

High Protein Content 
Stay alert and full, and support healthy muscles with a good dose of protein in the mornings. Each of these two yogurts contains almost as much protein as three ounces of lean meat:
-Fage 2% plain: 20 g protein

-Oikos traditional plain: 20 g protein

Healthiest Probiotics
Any refrigerated product called "yogurt" must be produced by culturing dairy ingredients with a bacterial culture. These good bacteria can take up residence in your digestive tract, supporting good digestion and immune function by keeping bad bacteria in check. The bacteria are also responsible for making yogurt safe to eat for people with lactose intolerance. Refrigerated yogurts that bear a Live & Active Culture (LAC) seal contain at least 100 million bacterial cultures per gram at the time of manufacture. Here are two yogurts that are LAC and Oz-approved:
-Chobani 2% strawberry banana

-Oikos traditional plain (yes, featured again! Double whammy!)

My Personal All-Time Favorite

-Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt
This greek yogurt does it all! 0 fat, 0 added sugar, and 0 artificial sweeteners – plus 15g of protein!

In all of these yummy flavors!

So there you have it! No more mindlessly grabbing the healthiest looking option and no more avoiding a yogurt because it seems less healthy than a plain flavor or brand. Feed your body the nutrients it needs while treating yourself to your favorite flavors!

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